My Current Workout Routine

Hey friends!! It’s taken me a while to figure out a consistent workout that makes my body feel strong and healthy. I like to mix up the intensity of my workouts on a weekly basis and really make sure I give my body time to recover. As much as I enjoy sprinkling in different workouts, whether that’s hot yoga, or long walks, I do like to have a main style of workout that tones my body, allows me to be in calorie deficit, and gives my body energy. The workout that I have found that works best for me is a 50 minute HIIT workout. It is split into 4 parts and is inspired by the Shred class framework. Whenever I can’t make it to class or I am traveling, I write up my own workouts that mirror the classes I take when I’m home. Below is a killer workout I did this morning that I think you’d love.

To modify the workout, replace the running drills with incline walking. The workout begins with 20 minutes of cardio, 15 minutes of dumbbell work, 10 minutes of cardio, and then a 5 minute finisher. It’s best to do a few of these workouts with a treadmill so you can measure your pace. Once you get the hang of the workout, you can replicate the runs outside. You will need a treadmill and 5 – 10lb dumbbells for this workout. The end goal of the warm up is to find a pace that you feel comfortable maintaining, this looks different for everyone.. my home base pace ranges between a 7.2mph – 7.7mph. You will see that I reference your push pace as well, this is a pace that challenges you and is typically 1.0 – 1.5 mph quicker than your home base pace. Lastly, we have your “top speed,” which will be your quickest pace of the day, this is typically 2.5 – 3.0 quicker than your home base pace. 

Workout Overview : 50 minute workout (I typically burn 550- 650 calories) 

    • 4 min warm up 
      • 1 min jog , 1 min jog + 0.5 increase  30s + 0.2 increase, 1 min home base, 30s push pace
    • Walk 1 min
    • Speed Sandwich (2min total)
      • (30s push pace, 1 min home base, 30s push pace) 
    • Walk 1 min
    • Speed Sandwich (2min total
      • (30s push pace 1 min home base 30s push pace) 
    • Walk or jog 1 min 
    • 90 second drill
      • 1 min home base 30s push pace + 0.5
    • Walk or jog 1 min 
    • 1 min drill
      • 15s home base 45s push pace + 0.7
    • Walk 30s 
    • 2 min drill
      • 1min home base 30s push pace  30s push pace + 1.0
    • Walk 1 min 

15 min of dumbbell + bodyweight movements (refer to my low impact dumbbell workout)

      • 45s squat to hip rotation 15s stretch
      • 1 min plank to toe reach
      • 1 min alternating side lunge
      • 30s deadlift
      • 30s deadlift to upright row
      • 30s frog jump to (backward) high knees
      • 30s jumping jacks
      • 30s left curtsey pulse lunge to curl
      • 30s right curtsey pulse lunge to curl
      • 1 min front to lateral raise
      • 1 min alternating transverse squat pulse
      • 30s high knees
      • 30s butt kicks
      • 1 min recovery (runners lunge stretch or squat to hip rotation)
      • 30s speed skaters
      • 30s alternating side jabs
      • 30s hammer curl
      • 30s hammer curl to shoulder press
      • 1 min dead lift to upright row
      • 1 min alternating standing oblique crunches
      • 30s squat jumps
      • 30s burpees

Final 10 minute treadmill run

    • 2 min warm up
      • 1 min: home base 1 min: home base + .05
    • 1 min walk 
    •  Reverse speed sandwich (2 min) 
      •  30s home base, 1 min push pace, 30s home base
    • 1 min walk 
    • Speed Sandwich (90s)
      • 1 min home base, 1 min push pace
    • 30s walk
    • 1 min drill 
      • 30s push pace, 30s top speed
    • 30s walk 
    • 30 s top speed 

5 minute ab finisher 

      • 30s side to side toe taps
      • 30s alternating v- ups
      • 1 min elevator plank
      • 30s right side plank
      • 30s left side plank
      • 30s plank jacks
      • 30s hollow hold

And you’re officially a rockstar!! This is a tough workout, so if you made it through it.. this is me giving you a virtual high five. I know it seems like a lot of moving parts, but once you get the hang of this framework, your workouts will fly by and you’ll be burning calories all day. Leave a comment below if you’re planning on giving it a try!




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