Low Impact Dumbbell Workout


Hey friends! I hope you’re ready for a nice sweat sesh. I’m sharing my go-to, low impact workout that helped tone my muscles. What I love about this workout is that it is full of dynamic movements that will spike your heart rate without involving any type of cardio. On days that I’m busy, I’ll set aside 10 minutes and do this workout in my living room while dinner is in the oven. If I have more time, I’ll do two rounds of this workout and a light incline walk after. Let’s get moving! 

Before I really knew how to “listen” to my body, I would try many different workouts and had a tough time finding a routine that allowed me to see results.  Originally, I had thought intense workouts and a high heart rate equated to better results, which was the furthest thing from the truth. I used to do a lot of cardio and avoided weight lifting or any type of workout that involved dumbbells at all costs. When my cortisol levels were high, and my hormones were unbalanced, I didn’t realize that tons of cardio was counterproductive for my body.  In order to lower my cortisol, I started incorporating more low impact movement such as long walks, hikes, hot yoga, and light weight dumbbell exercises. I wanted to share a few that really helped tone my muscles while not causing my body too much stress. Instead of counting reps, I like to do each movement for 1 minute and go at whatever pace feels best (which can be different everyday). Give yourself 30 seconds – 45 seconds of rest in between. There is also a video below that demonstrates each of the exercises. Let’s get moving! 


1. Bent over row to upright row

2. Alternating lunge to curl

3. Curtsy lunge to v pulls

4. Side lunge to balance + row

5. Suitcase squat to rainbow

6. Squat to torso twist

7. Oblique to curl 

8. Transverse squat + curl

9. Squat to alternating jab

10. Row to upright row


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